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Coming Soon the Musky Kombat Warhead!
Coming Soon!
​The Musky Kombat Warhead is designed to get down deep where the big fish live and entice them into eating even when their not hungry!
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The 5 1/2 inch Sidewinder Glide Bait
The Musky Kombat Sidewinder with High Resolution Real Fish Images look so real even the most pressured Muskies will be fooled by these highly detailed hand crafted lures! Now available in 8 High Resolution Real Fish Image Patterns!

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Dena Luedtke with a fall fatty caught on the Musky Kombat Warhead!
46 1/2 inch Indiana Musky courtesy of Webster Lake Guide Service! Caught on a Sidewinder!
Chris Shoppa and his 45 inch Indiana Musky caught on a Sidewinder!
Dena Luedtke with a Wisconsin Musky caught on a Musky Kombat quick strike rig!
Ryan Bennington with a nice Musky caught on a Sidewinder!
Indiana Musky caught by Jason King on a Sidewinder!
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Musky caught by Mike Sweeney on a Sidewinder!
Congrats to David Brosky on his new personal best a 51 inch Indiana musky caught on the Blood Shad Sidewinder! David won this one of a kind Sidewinder, in a silent auction, at the Indiana Muskie Classic 2015. Just another reason to take part in this great event!
51 inch Indiana Musky caught on a Musky Kombat Sidewinder!
New Custom Sidewinders
We will be selling different custom foiled and Flash tape Sidewinders as a monthly bait each month starting in October. These customs will be able to purchase on our website and through Facebook as they become available. Keep your eyes open because the customs will be a limited supply.

Coming Soon Musky Kombat T-Shirts!